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Sugar Refinery

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Just a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down.

-Richard M. Sherman

"Sugar refining industry" means without in any way limiting the ordinary meaning of the expression the industry in which the employers and employees are associated together for the purpose of refining sugar, including all processes incidental thereto and wholesale distribution of refined sugar if carried on in conjunction with the foregoing.

This excludes employers and employees who are associated with the commercial production and processing of sugar cane and its by-products on the property of the employer, where the sugar cane and the processing thereof are owned and controlled by the employer and excludes further employers and employees of the Zimbabwe Sugar Association

Experimental Station, provided that all the persons so excluded are governed by the sugar Milling Employment Regulations (S.I 347 of 1990) as amended from time to time.

“Task work” means the setting by an employer to an employee of a stated task to be completed as a condition of earning a wage.

“Ticket System” means a system in which an employee is engaged at a wage calculated by reference to the completion of a ticket of an agreed number of days worked.

“Wage” means the earnings of an employee, but does not include any payment in respect of overtime or any bonus payment or other benefit.

“Working day” means any day other than a day off or an industrial holiday.

“Working week” means the period between midnight on Wednesday and Midnight the following Wednesday, in the event of a shift or period of overtime continuing after midnight on Wednesday.

The whole of the shift or period of overtime shall be determined to fall within the workweek which is terminated at midnight.