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Brewing and Distilling

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We old folks have to find our cushions and pillows in our tankards. Strong beer is the milk of the old.

-Martin Luther

According to Statutory Instrument [S.I.] 26 of 2012. Brewing Industry means, without in any way limiting the ordinary meaning of the expression, the industry in which employers and employees are associated together for purposes of brewing beer from grain and the wholesale distribution thereof; and includes all processes incidental thereto.


"Cashier" means an employee who receives and banks cash and money received and issues receipts and may be required to write out cheques and maintain the petty cash and perform any other duties related to such functions.


"Casual" means an employee whose engagement is for a period of not more than six weeks in any four consecutive calendar months.


"Commission work" means any system of work whereby an employee's earnings are partly based on the quantity value of goods sold on behalf of an employer.


"Continous service" means the total period of unbroken service of an employee in terms of section 19


"Day off" means Sunday or that day of the week in place of Sunday on which an employee is not normally required to work.