NEC Food And Allied Industries

The National Employment Council for Food and Allied Industries was established in 1994 with the following four sectors: Baking, Milling, Sweets and Confectionery and Sugar refinery. Three other sectors subsequently joined and these are Meat and Fish, Food processing and Brewing and Distilling

Driven by the need to promote social justice our vibrant team seeks to build a self-sustaining NEC for the Food and Allied Industries


Our Chairpersons



 Precious chikomo

Vice Chairperson

Some of Our


Collective Bargaining

Collective Bargaining Negotiation is a process that covers all negotiations which take place between the employers’ organizations and the trade unions. ... Read More

Conciliation and Arbitration

Conciliation is an attempt by a third party to resolve a dispute. The parties are invited to appear before ... Read More

Industrial Inspections

Inspections may be defined as a part of the labour administration system that is responsible for the supervision and enforcement of relevant labour legislation and policies ... Read More

NEC Lodges and Villas

NEC lodges and Villas are a 3 Star Self Catering accommodation Facility located at 170 Robert Mugabe Road, Eastlea, Harare, Zimbabwe.

We are 15 minutes away from Harare International Airport and just 5 minutes from the CBD

Call us for Bookings : 073 402 3067


please ensure to wear your masks and exercise optimum hygiene!